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ET - energy talisman is a healing ball with positive and vitalizing energy received from the universe. The ball is connected to spiritual spheres and earth's natural forces. It's universal cosmic energy strengthens both your aura and chakras resulting in regeneration and healing of our body & soul.


The ET is a strong energy emitter: kind of antenna for receiving and emitting positive cosmic healing energy - a very useful product of alternative medicine for regeneration and spiritual energy healing. The ball is 3 inch ( 7 cm ) of the diameter made out of the best pure white tertiary clay with use of natural colors. Because of it's shape , color combination, composition of materials used combined with a specific manufacturing process , this energy talisman is capable of receiving cosmic and earth energies, amplifying these energies and connecting them with live organisms resulting in their overall benefit. A few minutes of use are needed to activate an energy healing process either by holding the Energy Talisman or drinking a glass of water activated by the Energy Talisman.

energy healingWhy would you want to use the Energy Ball? ET - Energy talisman works on a totally different healing principle than many other health foods and standard medical treatments. ET is not a food or medicine replacement but it is an effective supplement with it's unique properties. ET is capable of complimenting and strengthening the use of standard treatments or can work safely and effectively on it's own. Vitalization and reinforcement by ET's spiritual energy is going to be more and more important especially with the increased negative effects of the modern age on human health and their bodies.

The main source of ball's positive energy comes from selected combination of materials, shape and colors. All these components transfer the energy from the spiritual world thorough the chakras into our body and aura. Lifetime of the ET is at least three years . ET won't lose it's properties during this period and will not require any maintenance . ET is suitable for anybody regardless of health situation, it will regenerate and boost their energy when required. The energy talisman works on overall physical, mental and spiritual levels. The effectiveness also depends on how each individual is open to these healing energies.

The highly spiritual healing energy of ET can be used for vitalization and regeneration of the body and soul in several ways - either by it's direct action, by drinking of the activated water, or by the activation of food supplements and medications.