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Something about me and the ET...

The ball came into existence as a result of 15 years of my life with spiritual world. I was led to this spiritual world, as well as many other people, due to my own problems and those of people around me. As well as many other people, I also found out, that it is not enough to attend seminars etc. or eat something when one wants to get well. I hold the view that one should “work on himself/herself“ mostly on his own so that he helps himself as much as possible. That was one of my reasons why I began, back in 1998, to develop an aid in the form of an energy emitter that would provide energy healing. I perceived the energy of materials, shapes and colors and I found out which ones are the basic ones and “communicate with each other“. I had been active with my first ET emitter in the form of a table for 12 years, before I sat down and began to think and meditate on how to improve this emitter. Finally, I received a vision from higher worlds. That´s how this ball came into existence. I literally received these thoughts of new knowledge. Our brain is just an antenna for the reception of the information from our surroundings and it helps to process the information and store it in the memory of our ethereal body. Therefore, people create from what they know from their past and from what they receive from higher worlds.

It is not just a coincidence I had the vision of the ball in my Indian tepee where I dwell a lot. This dwelling is a fascinating place and I wish everybody had an opportunity to be able to spend some of their free time in it. Even though I am very interested in the history of indigenous people of America and I know that their colonization is an underlying reason for a substantial part of our current karma, the ball itself represents a holistic symbol and should not exalt and supress any part of any culture or a religion. Despite many extrasensory experiences, I do not perceive myself as a shaman, clairvoyant , guru or a healer. It was the heaviness of ill bodies and souls that both me and my dearest experienced that led me into the search for something that everybody could be helped by. The medical science is currently at a high level and even alternative methods of healing are on the rise, but I was still missing something independent. An independent and clear source of healing and knowledge for people. I was very persistent in my search and it finally led to the creation of this aid with a deep meaning and great power for those, who open themselves to its full potential. ET can be used as a means of self-healing process and also for “distance healing“ of other people. It may serve its purpose and help you to become clearer about what to do in your life and find what your next steps are to be. I am very grateful to those people who recognized what it is all about and sent their either expert or laic comments. I have no idea why this all have been entrusted to me but I am grateful for it although I am sometimes uncertain about what to do with it all. I know that no information should be a means to financial gains and I offer every thought I had been given for free. On the website I try to emphasize that I do not sell any spirituality, initiation or energy and the only things that have been evaluated are my expeditures related to the development, production and sale of the ball.

What is even more difficult, is to share something utterly personal, but I decided to step out of anonymity after many years (at least partially). It is not so relevant who exactly I am. I do not need much publicity and only those who make an order of ET or write to me, will learn my name. I was born in 1970 and live together with my family on a place which is not completely secluded, but at the same time far enough from civilization. Everything I am interested in in the field of esotericism I try to study and research on my own. It also implies to spirituality where I feel really close to Rudolf Steiner and his Anthroposphy, which comes from genuine rosencrucian sources. It is possible to find most answers in the works of Rudolf Steiner, but when it comes to real search, it is a demanding, lifelong domain. Native Americans used to know that everything has its season and many people still have the same knowledge although almost everything had been taken away from them. This was, and still is, my motivation - not to sink into despair, but to be a believer under all circumstances since this is the only way forwards. Mankind has made an incredible technical progress, but remains still quite unhappy as a whole because its spiritual search has not been deep enough. Once people begin with this search, it often remains superficial and I wish the situation changed for the better. I am not against our modern lifestyle with all of its achievements, but I accept only the necessary ones. The ones that help. What should not be forgotten are those who sacrified themselves for other people, traditional cultures, life in dignity for all animals and last but not least protecting the environment which is crucial for our lives. I am not searching for any fulfilment within an artificially and hastily created pseudo-spiritual world. The world of realms nobody really knows anything real about. I am trying to grasp spiritual essence gradually, combining logic and intuitive feelings. I am convinced the Earth is the only place where one can make the biggest spiritual progress for his future development. Therefore, it is necessary to open ourselves to an adequate form of spirituality and give our lives purpose. The Earth as well as individual people experience various incarnations. The Earth is and used to be our home even in the times when both our and her body were not material yet. It will serve as our home even when “it has dissolved“. It will only have its ethereal body instead of the physical one – analogous to humans. I know many things are still ahead of me and I will have to walk through many incarnations although I have no idea what I will encounter on the way…


Finally, I would like to give people a little help in the form of a mantra – a short, but potent prayer. I have been given this as well as the ET ball from “higher worlds.“

Love shows us the way
and Love also makes it full,
because You are
and I am.

The expression “You“ can be understood as a human being, but mainly as a spiritual one…