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You must have a PR 3 or higher to exchange links with me, and you must also have at least a PR 2 on the links page where you will place my link and you can't have a crazy amount of links either (I'll decide what's crazy.) If you think I'm too picky, well there are plenty of PR 0 sites who would love to exchange with you. You don't get above a PR 3 by exchanging with low ranked sites. ;) Please contact me on if you want to request a link exchange. 

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Title: Aura Chakra healing: spiritual energy
Description: Energy Talisman for spiritual energy healing, aura, chakra, chakras, activation, actiwated water, meditation, alternative medicine.


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If you link exchange sitewide you musthave onthe home PR3 or higher too. Site wide links are links on every page of a website.

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