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Meditation – instructions and description of how to enter into meditation

Everybody often meditates on something… We meditate on all kinds of things in many ordinary situations. But in case we want to gain a deeper insight, it is necessary to concentrate more than we are used to in our normal state of mind. A meditation with concentration is mostly „done“ in a sitting position – in a lotus position. Nevertheless, this is not a must and we can meditate in any relaxed position if it helps our concentration. The first phase of meditation stems from concentration. This has to be practised by visualizing a thought, sensation, color, point etc. The second phase, which should go hand in hand with the first one, is observation. Perception of our bodily functions (breath or pulse), which helps us to set us free from other thoughts. Such a concentration and perception lead to a quiet mind. This is important since a jumpy mind cannot help us to enter into meditation. As soon as the mind calms down, it becomes desireless and free from wishes, meditative state is achieved. Our consciousness is expanding and its center is often located between our eyebrows. It is very individual which realms we enter during meditation. It depends on the level of one´s spirituality and on our ability to meditate. There is no need to have feelings of dissapointment stemming from falling short of what we would like to achieve. There always comes a certain progress, even though it is not obvious to us. What we need to do, is to continue and noticable results will come. Sooner or later.

Meditating on anything we can gain an unbroken chain of information about the given thing or an event. It is an immersion, an insight into the situation. In addition to the above mentioned concentrations, which are important for beginners´practice, one can also meditate on a certain process. More advanced meditators can meditate on the growth of a plant, visualizing its development. Beginning as a seed in the soil, becoming a growing stalk with leaves, observing the development of pistils and opening blossoms as the sun shines on it. One can also easily visualize other processes and actions. Even higher level of meditation is a prayer although prayer itself is not a direct meditation. It is more of an emotional way through which the same results can be achieved. Combining both, observing our prayer while meditating, we fill in the general spiritual space. Besides the meditation itself, we need to live up to certain moral standards. Otherwise an improper form of meditation would happen. We would like to refine ourselves in order to develop, but others would be set aside. Such a meditation would be selfish. What we gain in meditation here is to be shared also with other people.

How long should we meditate? There are no time limits and it is very individual. What is more important than a certain length is regularity – rhythm. Even a shorter time may serve its purpose in this case. Power is substituted by the rhythm! The main focus of a meditation can also be to heal something. Properly „done“ mediation purifies our mind as well as our soul and body. Meditation is a spiritual replenishment for our souls….

Meditation with the energy ball

It is possible to meditate directly with the ball by visualizing its colors and realizing the meaning of every symbol and connection as it has been described in the spiritual symbols of shapes and colors section. The ET can also be used to strenghten other meditations. While meditating, we can hold the ball or just place it in front of us and use any meditation technique subsequently.

Healing meditation with the ET

alternativni-medicina The meditation can also become a healing one. It is a meditation combined with relaxation. The basic method has been described in the direct use section. Other possibilities involve various levels of visualization. Either a complete one or in certain parts of our body, where we visualize how the healing energy flows through the ball into our being as a whole or into its parts, chakras and so on. On top of the visualization, we can also enhance the healing process by holding the ball nearby a specific chakra. What is not recommended, is to hold the ball in front of the sixth chakra (the third eye), since an excessive pressure could occur. Therefore, it is more desirable to hold the ball anywhere between the first and the fourth chakra (organ chakras). Doing this, some people may experience various levels of disembodiment, mainly while holding the ball nearby the third chakra – on their solar plexus. It is not dangerous with the ET in this case because a protective connection gets created and nobody is allowed to go further beyond their capacity. The most suitable time for this is in the morning just after waking up, when our mind is still not wide awake and we are still partially in the connection with the spiritual world.

Meditation, self-confidence and growth, other levels of meditation...

By meditating we create a tool for learning more about ourselves and others and for our „inner cleanup“. We can dissolve blocks hidden deep in our subconsciousness and exceptionally even reach the state of enlightenment. Meditation strengthens our self-confidence and supports our overall growth. It is based on experiencing our minds in a different way. When one can see, hear, feel then he/she can observe how ideas from outer worlds live their own lives through our minds. One opens himself up to the situation and thoughts start popping up. Doing so, one cannot make great progress since ordinary thoughts are not still so powerful. What matters is that one should begin to think and feel at the same time! If we intensify individual thoughts or processes in meditation, they will gain power in the same way that muscles get more power by doing physical exercises. Initial simple exercises can lead us to the state where we begin to perceive our days from a new perspective. A short, meditative exercise can gradually become a part of our days. If we learn to take hold of our thoughts, they will no longer be weak and we will be able to use them in the same way that we use our muscles to move our hand. To cut a long story short, we need our thoughts to play its role in a really creative process and meditation helps in this.

Gradually, all the spatial perceptions on the physical level, should be eliminated from the meditation. We should make, that what manifests and exists in astral world and gets attached to our sensory perceptions – colors, sounds, fragnance, light atc., a part of our meditation. Since spiritual beings are present in everything that can be perceived by our senses. They show their presence in colors, fragrances and tones. As soon as we become aware of these facts, our perception will get changed. Even words and concepts will become different. For example, if we meditate on the concept of „wisdom“, not only will we have a deeper understanding of its real meaning, but a part of wisdom itself will gradually flow into our being. We will begin to perceive that the truth, compassion and love are the most powerful aspects of man and humankind. They transform everything that stands in its way into the good. Then the truth will surface in us and compassion will become our part since love is the power that does not rule but create…