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To explain how this energy ball functions, we need to admit that every shape and color have not only their wavelengths, but also its spiritual essence. It is because of mutual combination of these shapes and colors that the ball has an effect on the level of body, soul and spirit. This happens because basic symbols of man and universe have been encoded into it. It is impossible to find a proof for this fact in our physical world. Only frequences and wavelengths can be found there, but as far as mentally-spiritual world is concerned, we can only use extrasensory means, feel and follow our intuition…

Spiritual symbols of shapes:

All the important spiritual symbols of man, the Earth and the universe, as well as the action of spiritual powers on the surface of Earth are incorporated in the shapes of ET. We can find many answers in their penetration, interconnection and configuration. The meaning of each spiritual symbol used is not exhausted by that and it sets itself free from unambiguous interpretation. Mainly because it is simply not possible to formulate some spiritual experiences by words and mankind keeps on developing its cognition. Despite this fact the interpretation is important and above mentioned terms represent main spiritual symbols in ET. Furthermore, the ball represents a planet in the universe and shows a relationship between mankind and the Earth. But we simply cannot presume that the above mentioned concepts do materialize because they have influence at different levels. The shapes show the interconnection and they demostrate how the trinity ( body, soul and spirit) penetrates the unity and the order of microcosmos and macrocosmos works.

Spiritual symbols of colors

blue - body yelow - soul orange - spirit pink - love  

The symbols of shape in the ball correspond with the symbols of colors. In addition to that, blue color corresponds with the physical body, yellow with the astral one and orange with the etheric one. Colors are also complementary polarities. Material basis for the ball is clear “white clay”, which contains “silver aluminium”. This is essential since there is a relation between white color and light as well as between silver with spiritual beings. This intensifies frequencies of applied colors and the effect of the ball is stronger.

The radiation of the colors is supported by white light. Warm colors (orange and yellow) of eternally vital spirit and soul are the closest ones to the immaterial and active spiritual world. On the contrary the passive material and mortal body and universe are symbolized by colder colors - blue and violet. But in ET the violet color shades into the purple which warms the violet up "by life". This is very important This is very important because violet color “unites body, soul and the spirit in trinity by blood and love into life“.

There are mutually complementary colors of different polarity in the chart:

violet - yellow blue - orange

Spirit and soul are mutually interconnected with body and universe. The complementary configuration of colors has its own meaning including the fact that all the colors have been applied polarographically onto the material..

How we choose the colors in ET is absolutely essential. Some colors (for example warm red and cold green) are a part of the ET energy even though they remain invisible for us. We can prove them as a part or a combination of existing colors or perceive them transcendently.

Certain interconnections can be found even in human chakras (lotuses - energy centers). The seventh chakra enables humans to connect with the universe in the most effortless way. It has been mostly associated with violet - purple and white colors, which contain the whole range of spectral colors. Blue fifth and sixth chakras enable body and person to communicate and percieve things through senses. Orange color matches up with the second fertilizing chakra which influences the balance of water in the human body (which contains cca 70 % of water at birth). As you know, water gives life to everything that is alive, as well as to the spirit. Yellow symbolizes a soul where the information is stored. It is closely connected to the third chakra of solar plexus and serves us to be able to feel emotions and feelings of our astral - mental body.

Other colors and complete segmentation:

white - light black - darkness
silver - spiritual entities golden - spiritual realm
pink - love purple - life
green - nature red - blood
orange - spirit blue - body
yellow - soul violet - universe

The best pure white tertiary clay has been used as a base for the colors in ET. This is substantial because, due to the white color of base, the frequencies of applied colors become stronger and the action of the table is therefore very efficient. It is essential to understand that individual colors are not, more or less, spiritual. To give you an example concerning blue color and human body : Physical body is often erroneously believed to be inferior. It is necessary to know that it represents the lowest segment of human being, but is ,at the same time, the oldest and the most perfect one. Astral body is still less perfect and makes many mistakes (because of human instincts and passions) and is therefore one of the roots of the diseases of our physical bodies. This fact can serve us a suitable comparison not to regard any of human bodies (or any color or a number)as inferior or less spiritual. We regard the above mentioned as the main spiritual symbols of shapes and colors even though their total meaning is evidently bigger. The symbols have been decoded both consciously and transcendently. All this information is authentic and original. Some extra information is in the section of principe and the development of ET.

We perceive the above mentioned as main symbols of shapes and colors, but the overall meaning of the ET is definitely deeper. Whoever admits that a ball is a symbol of body, soul and spirit and they are all united by love, he/she comprehends a lot… The red-violet-purple color symbolizes blood spilled for the truth which merged with the earth… Not everything can be spoken about here yet, but who is observant will understand…

The function of the ET ball is in fact a two-way one: On one hand, spiritual beings help humans, but on the other hand humans enable these beings to manifest themselves. Thus, they help each other since even these spiritual beings are pleased if they are asked to act to the benefit of humans. The more humans use prayer and meditation in this process, the faster the progress comes. The ball has a very deep connection and enables everyone interested in spirituality to connect with higher angelic worlds. It is important to be connected both mentally and emotionally while „working“ with the ball.

Author´s comment:
I have not been noticeably influenced by any particular philosophy or a spiritual school at the time when the spiritual symbols had already been decoded. I knew the symbols and was aware of the fact that the center of ET represents not only body, spirit and soul but also our planet as a whole related to the evolution of the Earth and humankind. However I did not know the exact links. It was later on that I found out the connection to the Rosicrucian conception of the world. TI independently confirmed the authenticity of much of this information by force of ET. This all pushed me towards deeper studies of the authors whose ideas originate from genuine Rosicrucian sources. Authors like Max Heindl or Rudolf Steiner and his Anthroposophy belong to them.

Comment on the sale: as far as these energy products are concerned, the ET is not here to believe in something, but it explains the essence. I do not sell any energy, any form of spirituality or initiation. The price of the ball reflects only the product itself – things and expenditures related to its development, production and sale. What one gains spiritually using the ET is individual. The ball is simply an intermediary on your pathway on which it helps to get rid of destructive energies and obtain the right energetic connection to spiritual world.