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We do not give addresses to protect privacy. We thank very much those people who have written on for they are of great help for ET. We will be very grateful for your response on how you feel its energy or other extra-sensory perception or experience with the different kinds of use.


 Thank you. The ET is really a miracle. I feel enthusiastic about its healing effects. Strength is coming back to my body and the healing is very holistic. I recommend it to everybody, irrespective of what problems they have. I do not make experiments with the ET at all. What proved to be useful, was drinking of the activated water. My complicated health issue is muscle loss. Neuro-muscular illness (unfortunately genetically conditioned). However, the energy coming from the ET penetrates my tissues and I feel noticeably better. I have made work with my higher self almost everyday part of my healing process (increasing my ability to move). This and the ET helps me to remove blocks etc. The ET is an unrivalled tool for recharging my chakras and my system. The ET activated water has impact on every single cell of my body, as well as genetic equipment of every cell. I believe and it is my first-hand experience that every illness has its spiritual background. I also work with it (using SRT and SpR methods) and the ET is a great pillar of all of this.

Best regards, Jan S.

 I have been planning to write to you for a longer time. The energy of the ET is simply unique. I feel warm pulsations mostly with my palms and fingers, but not only when I am holding it. Also within about 5cm´s (2 inches) distance from the ball. Tbe ball has been my pleasant company. I often hold it on my solar plexus while falling asleep and in the morning I find out it rolled away, pošsibly to a place where its help is needed. It has never stood in my way! It helps me a lot when I am feeling far. It calms me down quickly and gives me a feeling of safety. As if it helped me to „erase“ or chase away ugly thoughts! I would like to thank you in this way for the existence of the ET!

Best regards, Petra S.

 The very first night with the ET helped me to remember all my dreams upon my awakening. I was even able to change the end of this dream and it all ended up in a better way. Water placed on the ET had a much different, better taste after a while and it seems to be „oily“. I drink more water now. I also use the ET for my swelling hand and it brings about an accelerated flow of lymph soon. In view of the fact that we share a household with a psychiatric patient who does not undergo any treatment, I use the ET table as a guardian angel placed behind the door. It has been an immense help for me. I keep on thanking for information about the ET reached me by lucky „chance“. I wish lots of strength and joy to all of you in this difficult times.

With love and gratitude Ludmila U.

I had been tired both physically and mentally before I started using ET. I had suffered from joint and back pains and swellings of my lower extremities. I also had problems with my digestion. I feel much better after using ET (6 weeks), have more energy, feel calmer and good-tempered. I perform the activation of water on ET and drink it throughout the day (1 litre = about 1.25 quart). It helps me to improve my metabolism - lower extremities swellings, point and back pains (lower back, kidneys) almost disappeared. I am grateful to have been given the possibility to use ET.

Yours sincerely Iva K.

I had to undergo an operation of a pernicious breast cancer in 1998. I went through radiation, chemotherapy, took many medications but still I suffered from some problems. Water kept appearing there and I did not feel well on the whole. I decided to start using the ET in November 2001 and the problems began improving. The water production ceased and I calmed down. The ET gives me the strength that I need and I feel fine. I drink 1,5 litres (about half a gallon) of the activated water everyday and make tea from it as well. I am very grateful I can use it.

M. Tilserova

Once I started feeling pain in my upper back since the very morning. You know how it works : One cannot turn her /his head round…I felt pain when moving my arms and severe pains followed in the evening. I laid the ET to the sore spots. After about 15 -20 minutes most of the pain disappeared. Then I felt the pain just as if it was somewhere in the distance. I assume the ET to be a wonderful product.

Yours faithfully Robert M.

 Hello, we would like to thank you (as a whole family) for helping us with the problem of fitful sleep in our new family house. When we moved in, we had big problems with sleeping for several months. We felt very tired, which had a big impact on our physical and mental health. Upon placing the balls at our beds, our problems disappeared completely. We sleep very well and feel great.

Thank you, Bronislava G.

 Thank you very much. This is not the last time I have ordered the ET. It is an incredible thing that has been helping us and we plan to give it to all members of our family sooner or later. We are all very glad we learnt about you. I wish you a nice day.

Best regards, Romana .

The ET had reached me in due course - in the beginning of June 2001, when I was witnessing a big mental and physical crisis. As far as I can judge the impact of the ET, I drowse and sleep much better, have no headaches and feel fine both mentally and physically. Even my sexual activity has improved and, I would say, so has my partner´s.

I thank you for your help and wish you a nice day. O.Darmovzalova

I have been using the ET since the middle of May. I drink the activated water (1,5 litres a day). I feel very fresh. What really suprised me was drinking the tea late in the evening. I felt very fresh again and had no need to go to bed.

Yours faithfully Hana D.

I used the ET to heal my dog. He had been suffering from the inflammation of sinews and joints in his whole body before he started drinking the activated water for 6 weeks and his situation improved to the point that he has no difficulties now. No standard medical methods had worked for him before he was offered the activated water. I myself have the ET near my bed and I am completely content with it.

Yours sincerely Josef S.

My 14-year old daughter had to undergo an acute operation of appendicitis. Unfortunately an inflammatory, 6 centimeters large focus had been formed in her lower pelvis and severe pains followed. She began taking antibiotics from a drip-feed and was drinking the ET activated water simultaneously. Another operation was planned. I do not know to what extent it happened owing to the ET, but no operation was needed any more. The focus started disappearing exceeding expectations. She kept using the ET after she had returned from the hospital which contributed a lot to get rid of all difficulties.

Yours faithfully Dagmar M.

The ET helped me a lot last year during my recovery from a vast graze on my forehead „improved“ by about 10 sutures. I activated a Healing ointment on the ET. Despite the fact I had been warned by my physician that the wound could leave some long lasting effects behind (with a possible plastic surgery), I observed no significant repercussion. Only a tiny scar can be seen on my forehead. I keep the ET nearby my PC at work. Occasional headaches (after a longer time spent by my PC) ceased since I have been carrying it with me.

Yours Sincerely Leo K.

The testing of ET in a private health center.
The ET have been tested in Karel Hrazdíra´s Center of health Boskovice using the following testing procedure. The test has been aimed to prove the impact of ET on a person against prospective assertions that placebo effect is what happens.

The procedure used :
The ET had been applied to people for 15 to 20 minutes. They had been asked whether they were feeling its energy. (in various forms - heat, tingling, prickling and the like.) Later on they filled in a simple form answering YES or NO. Seventy-four people who were asked to undergo this procedure had never encountered any form of the ET or had heard about it before. Most of them confirmed a perception of its energy unambiguously. They answered „yes“ which helped to rule out the possible placebo effect.

Declaration of AGAPE BRNO (spiritual and healing center)- see below in automatic drawing section. We thoroughly examined the radiation and influence of the ET and recorded it all with the help of automatic drawing. Based on this research and observation, which seemed to be very satisfactory, we can recommend the ET as a suitable form of aid to everybody who may need some assistance with overcoming some of the difficulties caused by our current lifestyle.

Now I occupy myself with removing the need for medication with the help of the miraculous water. Step by step so that my body got used to it. When I tried this in the past, before I began to drink the activated water, it was obviously accompanied by unpleasant mental states. Now that I drink the activated water, the whole process does not involve these side effects. Simply terrific. What is important here, is to go step by step. I had not felt well for many years (approx. 15 years). But now I do feel well. My family and friends keep asking me what I have been doing that I look so good and my answer is: 1. I have my faith and I try to live it with love and in harmony with universal laws. 2. I drink water activated by the ET. 3. I do Five tibetians exercises.

I do Five tibetians exercises. Marianna V.

The experiences of the clients and the keeper of the BIOTHERIK™ Boskovice health center in 2001 - 2006:

Yours sincerely Libor J.

 Good evening, Recently I bought the ET from you and I must thank you. I am very glad I found the ball by chance while browsing the Internet in Austria. Well, how interesting… It was meant to happen. I like meditating with it and I also have a feeling it has changed me. I am nice to other people, willing to help them, smile a lot and search for some beauty even there where I had not search for it and seen it before. I find joy in many everyday tiny things. I feel balanced and have a positive mind. I thank you very much and wish you health, peace and lots of sun in your soul.

Best regards, Hejduková

 Dear friend, Here I am. Thank you for the energetic ball which has reached me in a good condition. Thank you for being a part of my life and also for being present in the ball I meditate with. Thanks to the ball my meditation has deepened and I have been able to find my inner peace and a feeling of well-being. I don´t know whether it is the ball that makes it difficult for me to open my eyes after the meditation. Thank you for this tool of love and peace that not only I but also other people on the path have been gifted with. May the Beings of Light always embrace you and fill you with wisdom, creativity and love.

With love Balladyna